we talk about so many things regarding health including healthy body, healthy hair, healthy skin and much more but there is one more thing we should take care of and that is breast.

Yeah! Ladies keeping breast healthy should be an important part of our daily routine. We all focus on skin care, waxing extra hairs from body but sometimes we don’t really feel the need of taking care of breast and that can lead us to serious issues. Sometimes we feel slight pain in breast either on one side or on both but we call it like oh! Its normal, but then that pain starts getting bad and it starts hurting a lot. And still we don’t focus much. We take painkillers thinking that they will resolve our problem. But No! that’s not the solution of such conditions. We also sometimes face discharge from nipples and it also sounds normal to us but sometimes it’s not. We need to focus on such things before they cause severe problems for us. Keeping your breast healthy is very important. There are some exercises and some other activities that can help us to have check and balance with breast and its health.

There is a hormone known as estrogen that can cause breast cancer. Our fat cells produce estrogen and if it is in excessive amount it can cause severe cancerous conditions. To cure them there are medications and diagnostic tests.   

Workout for healthy breast:

          Don’t think it is some kind of a gym workout. Absolutely not! Working out means doing exercises or some positions that supports our breast with good health. Checking your breast daily for any changes occurring, like some kind of breast lumps, breast pain and nipple discharge is very essential. Because then we will be able to resolve our problem or we should consult a doctor for such sensations. These can help us in keeping our breast healthy. 75-minute workout a day will be really beneficial.

Healthy food:

       Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can also help in curing cancer. They lower the risk of developing estrogen-receptor-negative breast tumors. It makeup only about 15% of all breast cancers but particularly it is hard to treat them. Your choices in veggies and fruits should be more of those which fight against cancer. Some of them include all green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, arugula and mustard greens are few veggies that may contain anticancer properties. And some fruits include citrus fruit, berries, peaches, apples and pears.  This kind of diet makes us bore sometimes that is why just to add a bit of fun in your diet you should have dark chocolate. It is very essential for. There is a compound present inside the chocolate that fight against the disease. This compound has an interaction with the enzymes that is how cancerous cells die and it leaves the normal cells alone.

Healthy sleep:

Waking up late at night can cause such conditions because there is more exposure to night light. It increases the melatonin levels. And it can create a problem that melatonin may regulates estrogen. So we should sleep early at night and wakeup early on the morning. That is how we can be safe from such conditions.


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