A sports bra is really helpful for all the women who workout daily or do some running activities that make your breasts bouncy. Bouncy breasts can cause pain which is why sports bra are designed for their comfort. Sports bra prevent excessive bouncing and help you in perusing your favorite activity. If you don’t have the right fitting for your bra then it will definitely lead you to uncomfortable times like soreness, chafing, pain or even soft tissue damage. For many women who face these difficulties have a great barrier in their activities or workout. Sports bra fitting has not an exact science, but here I will tell you steps of how to choose your bra size for your activity. It is important for you to try out several brands for sports bra because they have different styles and sizes in store until unless you find the right one for you.

Right levels of bra supporting your activity

There are mainly three levels of sports bra’s low, medium and high which depend on the activity you perform. The greater the impact the more support you will get and it will make your activity easier. Most of the brands categorize their sports bras by impact levels to sort out. For high impact activities such as running, mountain biking or aerobics you will be need more support to prevent excessive breast movement which can save you from discomfort and pain in the long run. There are some low impact activities like yoga, or walking that contain less movements, for that we may not need much support. But if there are women who have larger busts, so they will need more support and comfort in low impact activities as well. the best bra style or size that will fit you well is the one which feels comfortable according to your personal preferences.

Low impact activities:

Low impact activities include less support. Activity like walking, yoga and strength training contain these following steps for a perfect size and style bra. We need narrow straps and bands with lighter weight. Pullover styles are sold in S-L sizes without the band adjustment. And those bras that are often called compression bras that hold your breasts to the chest wall are also really beneficial in such activities.

Medium impact activities:

These kind of activities include medium support. Activities like moderate hiking, skiing and road cycling contain these following steps for a perfect size and style bra. we need those kind of breasts that restrict movements more than low-support bras. It also includes wider bands and straps. Normally they are found in S-L sizes or hook bands closure in cup sizing. They can be compressed or encapsulation styles with separate cups.

High impact activities:

These activities include very high support. Activities like running, mountain biking and high intensity workouts contain these following steps for perfect size and style bra. we need widest bras with adjustable shoulder straps so we can adjust it as per our need. They are most likely to encapsulation and compression styles with separate cups for highest support. Cup and band sizing matters a lot. And also hook-loop closures as well.

Finding the perfect size for your sports bra

sports bra may fit slightly snugger than your everyday bras, but your size will not change it will remain the same. So we should not size down in our sports bra while purchasing a new one. We should measure our bra size before every new purchase. Our bra size will change several times over your lifetime. 


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