Types of Bra


Many Shapes of Bra are available they are choose by the women either out of habit or out of taste for the specific shapes of breasts. Different styles of bra adapts to a different type of breast morphology and need. Availability of several types of bra, its not for nothing.

So tons of variety is available in the market which is always hard to navigate. AllBestBra decided to facilitate its visitors to decode all shapes and styles of bras.

So let’s find out which Bra or Bra style is suitable for what type of breast.

15 Type of Bra are given below.

Bra types Construction-wise

  • Wired Bra
  • Non-Wired or Wire-fee Bra
  • Padded Bra
  • Non-Padded Bra


:Neckline Based Bra Type

  • Full Coverage Bra
  • Half or Demi Coverage Bra

Neckline Shaped Bra Styles

  • Plunge Bra
  • Balconette

Bra type with specific Function

  • T-Shirt Bra
  • Push-up Bra
  • Sports Bra
  • Minimizer Bra
  • Bralette
  • Strapless Bra
  • Front Closure Bra

Types of Bra with their construction details and Purpose

1. Wired Bra

These type of bra comes with steel wire sewn into the cups. Main purpose of the wired bra is to provide support and shape your breast in order to provide you the perfect Silhouette.

If you are looking for good support and life for your breast then this type of bra is best suitable for you. This style of bra comes with both full coverage and half coverage or demi coverage.

2. Wire Free Bra or Non-Wired Bra

As evident from the names Wire free Bra or Non-wired Bra doesn’t have a metal or steel sewn in the cups of the bra. Due to absence of any metallic material this type of bra provide you more flexibility and easy to move in. Support for the breast is provided by band and straps of the Bra for your breasts. Wire Free bra are most suitable for comfort and long periods of time.

3. Padded Bra

Padded Bras comes with molded cups. Due to padding available in the cups of the Bra you get a uplifted and a seamless look. Many padded bras comes with 2MM of ultra-thin Pads embedded in the cups of the bra. Padded not even provide the required support but also give your breast a sleek look under your clothes.

4. Non-Padded

Non Padded bra doesn’t have any additional padding available in the cups on the other hand the cups of the Non-Padded Bras comes with simple cups but in most cases they comes with 2 extra layers of fabric for the support and comfort. Women having bigger or fuller breasts often choose non-padded bras. Absence of padding won’t overlay accentuating your breasts but would provide the right amount of support needed for the fuller breasts.

5. Full Cover Bra

Full Cover Bra offers more breast coverage for the top of the breast as its evident from the name. Provides support and comfort for all day or long hours. Full Cover Bra style bras are perfect for women having fuller and heavier bust size who want to restrict bust movements. Normally this style of bra is worn under fitted clothes with seamless appearance.

6. Demi-Cup or Half Cup Bra

Half Cup Bra or Demi-Cup Bra style provide you with the half coverage of the breast, this give you natual looking bust with almost the same type of comfort which you get in t-shirt. Less coverage is provide by half bra than full cup bras but this coverage would be more than the balconette. Women get required lift to the bust and also its accentuate your cleavage.

7. Plunge Neckline

Plunge Bra are the bras which has cups with the low cut making them suitable for the clothes have low or deep necklines. Plunge Bra style is also available with padding to provide certain degree of lift and also provide contouring to your bust.

Plunge bra a best suited to get a round shape and smooth look also providing extra coverage for the nipples.

8. Balconette Bra

Balconette Bra or Balcony Bra provides partial coverage to your breast. Coverage provided by the Balconette Br are less coverage than the T-Shirt Bra or Push-up Bra. Balconette Bra Provides you natural lift and naturally contoured look. Balconette Bra suites almost every type of breasts with every type of clothing due to its low and straight neckline.

As balcony bra provide half circle and covers your lower part of the breast resulting in the provision of modest cleavage.

9. T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt Bras are best suitable under the fitted clothes like T-shirts or any clothes with tight fittings. This type of bras are wore normally when you are looking for the smooth look.  T-Shirt bra are simple in terms of style that means normally they don’t provide or lace or embroidery on the cups. T-shirt Bras comes in both padded and non-padded styles.

The difference between normal regular bra and T-shirt Bra is that seams are created in regular bra to provide you the shape you are looking for on the other hand in moulded T-shirt bra cups are shaped in such way that they provide the shape you are looking for.

10. Push Up Bra

As evident from the name Push Up bra would push you breast up in order to enhance your cleavage and provides you the required lift. Due to presence of closely fitted wires and comfortable pads Push Up bra lift the breast bust upwards and also towards the center to provide you the good looking cleavage. Push Up Bra would make you breast appear fuller due to presence of cushions in the cups. This style comes with half or demi cups providing cleavage and deep neckline. This bra type is best suitable for the smaller size breast.

11. Sports Bra

Although you can get a good support from a regular bra throughout the day, but Sports Bra are best suitable during jumping, running or any workout activity. Sports Bra are especially designed to provide you the best support during physical activities. Sports bra is a great support to breasts, prevents the breast from sagging and injury during vigorous physical activities. Keep your neck and back muscle safe as it’s also prevents from bouncing of breast.

12. Minimizer Bra

If you have a bit larger bust size and you want to make it appear smaller then Minimizer Bra must be your choice. Minimizer Bra provides a needed compression thus spreading the breast evenly across the chest.

Normally Minimizer Bra comes with comfortable padding in whole area of cups in order to provide security and support for the larger or fuller breasts. Due to padding throughout the bra doesn’t make your boobs appears bigger as other padded bras do.

13. Bralette

What is Bralette?

A Bralette is a bra which is an unstructured form of bra which doesn’t have any underwire, doesn’t have any lining, no padding. Bralette offers you a more natural shape. This style of bra has become popular as it provides both style and comfort. Bralettes are worn as outerwear top and are also designed as undershirts for girls with developing breast. Bralettes are perfect for special occasions and they look great when worn under blazers, tops with deep necklines. Bralettes are also worn even on their own with a trousers.

14.  Strapless Bra

A bra that doesn’t have straps is a strapless bra but although they are without the straps but still they provide all the required support which a person get normally from a shoulder straps. Strapless bra are best suitable with off shoulder or halter-neck outfits.

15. Front Closure Bra.

Instead of having a clasp in the back this style of bra have clasp in the front right in the middle of the cups. So Front Closure Bra offers smooth finish at the back due to the presence of clasp at the front of the bra. Front closure bra comes in different colors and are also suitable for neckline outfits.