Breast Health


How to have beautiful breasts?

Tips to have beautiful breast: Summary

Summary :
  • The cold water jet
  • Massage them
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Adopt good posture
  • Eat balanced
  • Protect your breasts from the sun

This is a very feminine concern  !
Especially in summer, open legs and neat neckline for a sexy silhouette are required!

But after months of being locked under layers of clothing, your breasts look a bit gray, especially if you haven’t taken the time to take care of, care for and massage them!

Having a beautiful breast requires maintenance  ! So how do you wear a beautiful neckline under your pretty black dress!

All the beauty tips and gestures to show off beautiful, firm and round breasts, without cosmetic surgery !

Unlike other parts of your body, breasts are not muscles! But fat and glands  !

Hence the need to carry out certain treatments to avoid the sagging raplapla chest! Sometimes you just need to change your habits to restore tone to your chest.

The cold water jet

A reflex that you must adopt on a daily basis! And what’s more is not expensive! You have to finish your shower with a jet of cold water!

Of course, you will have to bite the bullet a little, especially in winter, but cold water has the merit of firming the tissues!
Result: a toned breast, firm and which is maintained!

Therefore, it is better to avoid too hot baths which make the skin very soft. If you have the soul of an adventurer, you can also adopt the ice cube glove to place on your breasts.

Massage them

It is important to massage the chest with suitable cosmetics. You can perform this beauty gesture in the morning after the shower and the cold water jet, in circular and gentle movements  !

It is advisable to carry out regular exfoliation of your bust to restart your blood circulation and better irrigate the vessels and then massage with a moisturizer or essential oils.

Avoid tight clothing

Again, let your chest breathe , avoid compressing it with tight clothing (push-up bra type that hugs your breasts), or crossing your arms against your senses.

The best is to choose a comfortable bra that allows your breasts to breathe and therefore fits your size! No to the bra that is too small and leaves marks.

And if you have a small breast, you can allow yourself the right not to wear a bra on weekends.

Adopt good posture

Having a pretty bust requires appropriate support! And an upright posture  ! If you are used to being hunched all the time, your breasts will hardly want to lift the tips of their nipples!

On the contrary, standing upright allows you to open your rib cage and raise your chest.

Likewise, the position in which you sleep plays a significant role. If possible, it is best to sleep on your back to avoid compressing your breasts.

And if you play sports such as running or athletics, wear a sports bra  !

Eat balanced

Pretty breasts require a healthy and balanced lifestyle , which necessarily depends on what you put on your plate! The radiance and texture of your skin depends on what you consume!

Bet on proteins that will boost the small muscles, namely the pectorals supporting your breasts and will limit the sagging effect!

Protect your breasts from the sun

Just like your body, remember to protect your breasts from UV rays if you are in the sun. The rays are indeed responsible for the aging of the skin!

To avoid withered breasts, adopt a high protection cream index 50.