Bra Nerdist & Lingerie Expert This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Marks and Spencer one of the famous British bra fitting retailer conducted a study which show that 80% of women around the world wears a wrong type of bra size. Another study also showed that another 59% of women expresed that back, shoulder and neck pain was caused by their bra.

Bra Nerdist & Lingerie Expert Laura Tempesta who is the only master’s degree in lingerie design in North America, a lot of invested by Tempesta Laura for studying bras. Laura Tempesta shared her view about How bra should be revolutional and constantly improving with the needs of the women but the industry of the lingerie failed to meet the basic standards.

Video presentation given by Laura Tempesta on TEDx talk will help you not to see the bra the same way again.
This also would help you to choose you next bra more wisely and would improve your lingerie life.

The reality TV star co-founded this company in 2019, the value of which doubled in less than ten months.
Skims, the company co-founded by Kim Kardashian that sells sculpting underwear , has doubled its value in less than ten months, with investors throwing $240 million into it in a deal valuing it at $3.2 billion. of dollars.

The reality star turned businesswoman started the company in 2019 with fashion entrepreneur Jens Grede, with the idea of ​​offering stretch bras, briefs, bodysuits and bodysuits for all sizes.

Skims has since extended its range, with dresses, comfortable pants or hoodies.

The company has also forged several partnerships, creating mini-collections for the American Olympic team Team USA or in collaboration with Fendi.

Strengthen innovation
Skims had already raised $154 million in April 2021 in a funding round led by Thrive Capital and then valuing it at $1.6 billion.

The company has doubled its valuation with the new fundraising, led by Lone Pine Capital with participation from D1 and the investment companies already present in the capital Thrive Capital, Imaginary Ventures and Alliance Consumer Growth.

Skims plans to use the money to accelerate innovation, commercialization and partnerships with other brands, the company said in a message to AFP.

Kim Kardashian, 41, is also the creator of the KKW beauty brand. His fortune is estimated by Forbes magazine at $1.2 billion.

Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity and the breasts tend to sag, not to mention hormonal changes and weight fluctuations that also affect the chest. To keep them firm, it is necessary to act on two aspects: solicit the pectoral muscle and act on the quality of the skin. Discover 5 tips to preserve the beauty of your chest.


To practice a sport, 90% of women wear a classic bra. However, they are not suitable… During a fitness session, your body undergoes impacts and shocks which sensitize the chest. These inconveniences can lead to a deformation, a sagging of the breasts . This is why Domyos has developed an innovative sports bra that tones and preserves the beauty of the chest : the Feel Beautiful. Its flexible basque allows the natural movement of the breast and thus promotes the toning of the suspensory muscles of the chest. The more rigid band placed on the upper chest limits the amount of rebound, the main cause of pain during exercise. It reduces by at least 50% the impacts suffered by the chest. What better way to do fitness without pain? In addition, its second skin effect is of incomparable comfort. Try it!


Here is a simple trick, which, at first glance, can send chills down your spine! If you are told that you will have to end each shower with a jet of cold water to firm up your breasts , are you following us? Yes ! Why ? Because this simple gesture, certainly unpleasant, is excellent for toning the skin, and what’s more, wakes you up! It is well known that the cold strengthens the tissues and promotes blood circulation. Without inflicting a real frozen shower on yourself, alternate the jets of cold water and hot water, emphasizing the areas you want to target, in this case the chest.


Make yourself comfortable and sit on a floor mat. Apply this fitness exercise to firm the breasts and deeply work the muscular belt of your chest: join the palms of your hands, as if for a prayer. Place them at the height of your chest, elbows vertical. Press your palms together for a few seconds then release. Repeat the movement. Do a series of 20 repetitions morning and evening to preserve the elasticity and youthfulness of the chest . It’s simple, but it works!


Give your breasts a boost with a natural solution: massage. Massaging the breasts on a daily basis is a life-saving gesture, which notably helps to reduce breast tension and eliminate toxins. The beauty recipe: add 10 drops of sandalwood essential oil to a 100ml argan oil base. After bathing or showering, gently massage your bust and chest to maintain skin elasticity.. Apply the oil from bottom to top, from the base of the breasts to the collarbone. Then place your fingers on the sternum (small hollow just between the breasts) and twist 3 times clockwise, 3 times counterclockwise. Then, hand wide open, massage your bust from the inside of the breasts to the shoulders. This area should not be neglected since it covers the support muscle of the chest.


Does your chest show a low profile? Discover the Body Power , an easy-to-use and highly effective fitness accessory to maintain a nice cleavage . The principle ? By compressing the accessory using the strength of your arms, you strengthen the pectoral muscles, which support the breasts. Result: you help to lift your breasts. Another advantage: the Body Power offers many exercises and allows you to strengthen the whole body. It must therefore become essential in your sports locker room!

Many Shapes of Bra are available they are choose by the women either out of habit or out of taste for the specific shapes of breasts. Different styles of bra adapts to a different type of breast morphology and need. Availability of several types of bra, its not for nothing.

So tons of variety is available in the market which is always hard to navigate. AllBestBra decided to facilitate its visitors to decode all shapes and styles of bras.

So let’s find out which Bra or Bra style is suitable for what type of breast.

15 Type of Bra are given below.

Bra types Construction-wise

  • Wired Bra
  • Non-Wired or Wire-fee Bra
  • Padded Bra
  • Non-Padded Bra


:Neckline Based Bra Type

  • Full Coverage Bra
  • Half or Demi Coverage Bra

Neckline Shaped Bra Styles

  • Plunge Bra
  • Balconette

Bra type with specific Function

  • T-Shirt Bra
  • Push-up Bra
  • Sports Bra
  • Minimizer Bra
  • Bralette
  • Strapless Bra
  • Front Closure Bra

Types of Bra with their construction details and Purpose

1. Wired Bra

These type of bra comes with steel wire sewn into the cups. Main purpose of the wired bra is to provide support and shape your breast in order to provide you the perfect Silhouette.

If you are looking for good support and life for your breast then this type of bra is best suitable for you. This style of bra comes with both full coverage and half coverage or demi coverage.

2. Wire Free Bra or Non-Wired Bra

As evident from the names Wire free Bra or Non-wired Bra doesn’t have a metal or steel sewn in the cups of the bra. Due to absence of any metallic material this type of bra provide you more flexibility and easy to move in. Support for the breast is provided by band and straps of the Bra for your breasts. Wire Free bra are most suitable for comfort and long periods of time.

3. Padded Bra

Padded Bras comes with molded cups. Due to padding available in the cups of the Bra you get a uplifted and a seamless look. Many padded bras comes with 2MM of ultra-thin Pads embedded in the cups of the bra. Padded not even provide the required support but also give your breast a sleek look under your clothes.

4. Non-Padded

Non Padded bra doesn’t have any additional padding available in the cups on the other hand the cups of the Non-Padded Bras comes with simple cups but in most cases they comes with 2 extra layers of fabric for the support and comfort. Women having bigger or fuller breasts often choose non-padded bras. Absence of padding won’t overlay accentuating your breasts but would provide the right amount of support needed for the fuller breasts.

5. Full Cover Bra

Full Cover Bra offers more breast coverage for the top of the breast as its evident from the name. Provides support and comfort for all day or long hours. Full Cover Bra style bras are perfect for women having fuller and heavier bust size who want to restrict bust movements. Normally this style of bra is worn under fitted clothes with seamless appearance.

6. Demi-Cup or Half Cup Bra

Half Cup Bra or Demi-Cup Bra style provide you with the half coverage of the breast, this give you natual looking bust with almost the same type of comfort which you get in t-shirt. Less coverage is provide by half bra than full cup bras but this coverage would be more than the balconette. Women get required lift to the bust and also its accentuate your cleavage.

7. Plunge Neckline

Plunge Bra are the bras which has cups with the low cut making them suitable for the clothes have low or deep necklines. Plunge Bra style is also available with padding to provide certain degree of lift and also provide contouring to your bust.

Plunge bra a best suited to get a round shape and smooth look also providing extra coverage for the nipples.

8. Balconette Bra

Balconette Bra or Balcony Bra provides partial coverage to your breast. Coverage provided by the Balconette Br are less coverage than the T-Shirt Bra or Push-up Bra. Balconette Bra Provides you natural lift and naturally contoured look. Balconette Bra suites almost every type of breasts with every type of clothing due to its low and straight neckline.

As balcony bra provide half circle and covers your lower part of the breast resulting in the provision of modest cleavage.

9. T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt Bras are best suitable under the fitted clothes like T-shirts or any clothes with tight fittings. This type of bras are wore normally when you are looking for the smooth look.  T-Shirt bra are simple in terms of style that means normally they don’t provide or lace or embroidery on the cups. T-shirt Bras comes in both padded and non-padded styles.

The difference between normal regular bra and T-shirt Bra is that seams are created in regular bra to provide you the shape you are looking for on the other hand in moulded T-shirt bra cups are shaped in such way that they provide the shape you are looking for.

10. Push Up Bra

As evident from the name Push Up bra would push you breast up in order to enhance your cleavage and provides you the required lift. Due to presence of closely fitted wires and comfortable pads Push Up bra lift the breast bust upwards and also towards the center to provide you the good looking cleavage. Push Up Bra would make you breast appear fuller due to presence of cushions in the cups. This style comes with half or demi cups providing cleavage and deep neckline. This bra type is best suitable for the smaller size breast.

11. Sports Bra

Although you can get a good support from a regular bra throughout the day, but Sports Bra are best suitable during jumping, running or any workout activity. Sports Bra are especially designed to provide you the best support during physical activities. Sports bra is a great support to breasts, prevents the breast from sagging and injury during vigorous physical activities. Keep your neck and back muscle safe as it’s also prevents from bouncing of breast.

12. Minimizer Bra

If you have a bit larger bust size and you want to make it appear smaller then Minimizer Bra must be your choice. Minimizer Bra provides a needed compression thus spreading the breast evenly across the chest.

Normally Minimizer Bra comes with comfortable padding in whole area of cups in order to provide security and support for the larger or fuller breasts. Due to padding throughout the bra doesn’t make your boobs appears bigger as other padded bras do.

13. Bralette

What is Bralette?

A Bralette is a bra which is an unstructured form of bra which doesn’t have any underwire, doesn’t have any lining, no padding. Bralette offers you a more natural shape. This style of bra has become popular as it provides both style and comfort. Bralettes are worn as outerwear top and are also designed as undershirts for girls with developing breast. Bralettes are perfect for special occasions and they look great when worn under blazers, tops with deep necklines. Bralettes are also worn even on their own with a trousers.

14.  Strapless Bra

A bra that doesn’t have straps is a strapless bra but although they are without the straps but still they provide all the required support which a person get normally from a shoulder straps. Strapless bra are best suitable with off shoulder or halter-neck outfits.

15. Front Closure Bra.

Instead of having a clasp in the back this style of bra have clasp in the front right in the middle of the cups. So Front Closure Bra offers smooth finish at the back due to the presence of clasp at the front of the bra. Front closure bra comes in different colors and are also suitable for neckline outfits.

Why it is important to wear a Bra?

Bras have become one of the important part of a women/girl daily lives. women/girls are told by thier mothers that when thier breasts start to grown they need to wear the bras. But most of the girls teenagers neither know the exact reason why they are told so nor they know the importance of wearing a Bra. Bras just don’t support our breast instead there are lots of reason to wear a bra. Lets know: Why it is important to wear a bra?

Support for Breasts:

Providing support to our breast is one of the main purpose of wearing a bra, since the inception or invention of the bra this purpose remain the main one. Bras not only hold the boobs in the bra cups but the usage of the bra also make sure that the you don’t face; shoulder or neck pain due to the presense of group tissues around your chest, you don’t have back pain, moreover wearing bra help you so that you don’t feel that you are carrying an addtional weight in front part of your body.

Liberty and comfort during workout

Breasts consist of mostly fatty tissues, Grandular tissues and connective tissues. This huge amount of tissues produce a specific amount of weight on women’s body. During the jumping, running, or even fast walking make your breast bounce and this boucning of breast might cause pain. In order to reduce such risk sports bra help to eliminate the chances of pain by putting compression on the breast and by reducing the movements and bounces you feel more confindent and can concentrate on the workout.

Wear Bra to have a better Look and Feel

To look good is desire of every women in the world and bras are one of the best support to enhance your look and feel. Many women in the world doesn’t feel happy with their looks, espcially with thier breasts. This is the main reason many women from around the world go to have a comsetic surgery, breast enhancement or reduction because the desire to look “Beautiful”.
Bra is the undergarment especially design to help you to attain the look of your desire. Different types of bra can help you to get a different look at different times of your daily life could be acheived by different type of bra. There are many types of bra which could be weared to enhance your look i.e Smooth bra, Plunge Bra, Support Bra, bralette, T-Shirt bra etc. There are wide range of bra available for the different types of look to enhance your look and feel.

Kim Kardashian The SKIMS brand is teaming up with Fendi for a fashion collaboration, and their collection is in high demand… by quickly pulling 7 numbers in just one minute!

Sources with first-hand knowledge tell TMZ… Kim just launched her SKIMS collaboration with Fendi online this morning, and in the opening minute, the fashion combo recorded $ 1 million in sales.

We’re told everything in the collection is already essentially sold out… and early numbers put this on track to be the biggest launch day in Kim’s short brand history.

Items in the collection ranged from $ 100 to $ 4,200 … including the $ 4,200 leather dress Kim wore earlier this month for Wall Street Journal Magazine’s 2021 Innovator Awards, where she received an honor for its SKIMS line. We are told that the dress is sold out.

Looks like pent-up demand has lived up to the hype… we’re told over 300,000 people have signed up to be on the pre-launch waiting list.


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Rihanna’s makeup artist unveils the singer’s makeup routine to look good and her infallible product to fight oily skin.

The secret to Rihanna’s glowy complexion has finally been revealed. The creator of Fenty Beauty always wears flawless makeup to face the long days of business woman in style  and her make-up routine attracts all the envy. Good news: it turns out that it only takes three steps to get a look as radiant as the singer’s. 

“The ‘Fenty Face’ is Rihanna’s universal method in real life to have a radiant and well-defined complexion,” reveals Priscilla Ono, make-up artist Fenty Beauty in an interview for Australian magazine “ELLE” . The first step is to apply her brand’s Pro Filt’r Soft Matte foundation to create a pretty base. “I recommend applying it after a primer, which will smooth your skin for better foundation application and provide longer hold,” advises the makeup artist. She then uses her Pro Filt’r Concealer to wake up her eyes and hide any small imperfections.

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“The second step is to add dimension and color,” continues Priscilla Ono. Rihanna’s exact references? “First, she sculpts her contours to add dimension with Matte Match Stix Skinsticks or Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer. Then add color with Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter or Cheeks Out Blush. “


Finally, the very last step of her face make-up is to remove unwanted shine and fix her makeup. Her infallible product that she cannot do without? The mattifying powder Invisimatte Blotting Powder by Fenty Beauty (32 € at Sephora). “It has a translucent finish, so Rihanna also uses it for touch-ups throughout the day,” says the make-up artist, who recommends this product to all those with oily skin to fight against excess visible sebum or sweating.

How to have beautiful breasts?

Tips to have beautiful breast: Summary

Summary :
  • The cold water jet
  • Massage them
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Adopt good posture
  • Eat balanced
  • Protect your breasts from the sun

This is a very feminine concern  !
Especially in summer, open legs and neat neckline for a sexy silhouette are required!

But after months of being locked under layers of clothing, your breasts look a bit gray, especially if you haven’t taken the time to take care of, care for and massage them!

Having a beautiful breast requires maintenance  ! So how do you wear a beautiful neckline under your pretty black dress!

All the beauty tips and gestures to show off beautiful, firm and round breasts, without cosmetic surgery !

Unlike other parts of your body, breasts are not muscles! But fat and glands  !

Hence the need to carry out certain treatments to avoid the sagging raplapla chest! Sometimes you just need to change your habits to restore tone to your chest.

The cold water jet

A reflex that you must adopt on a daily basis! And what’s more is not expensive! You have to finish your shower with a jet of cold water!

Of course, you will have to bite the bullet a little, especially in winter, but cold water has the merit of firming the tissues!
Result: a toned breast, firm and which is maintained!

Therefore, it is better to avoid too hot baths which make the skin very soft. If you have the soul of an adventurer, you can also adopt the ice cube glove to place on your breasts.

Massage them

It is important to massage the chest with suitable cosmetics. You can perform this beauty gesture in the morning after the shower and the cold water jet, in circular and gentle movements  !

It is advisable to carry out regular exfoliation of your bust to restart your blood circulation and better irrigate the vessels and then massage with a moisturizer or essential oils.

Avoid tight clothing

Again, let your chest breathe , avoid compressing it with tight clothing (push-up bra type that hugs your breasts), or crossing your arms against your senses.

The best is to choose a comfortable bra that allows your breasts to breathe and therefore fits your size! No to the bra that is too small and leaves marks.

And if you have a small breast, you can allow yourself the right not to wear a bra on weekends.

Adopt good posture

Having a pretty bust requires appropriate support! And an upright posture  ! If you are used to being hunched all the time, your breasts will hardly want to lift the tips of their nipples!

On the contrary, standing upright allows you to open your rib cage and raise your chest.

Likewise, the position in which you sleep plays a significant role. If possible, it is best to sleep on your back to avoid compressing your breasts.

And if you play sports such as running or athletics, wear a sports bra  !

Eat balanced

Pretty breasts require a healthy and balanced lifestyle , which necessarily depends on what you put on your plate! The radiance and texture of your skin depends on what you consume!

Bet on proteins that will boost the small muscles, namely the pectorals supporting your breasts and will limit the sagging effect!

Protect your breasts from the sun

Just like your body, remember to protect your breasts from UV rays if you are in the sun. The rays are indeed responsible for the aging of the skin!

To avoid withered breasts, adopt a high protection cream index 50.

This bra takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect fit with the east does it collection. Its size range starts from S to 3XL. Its fabric is 94% nylon and 6% spandex that is also known as over stretch fabric that accommodated your unique shape. This should be washed by hands only. also it comes with hook and eye closure which is simple but comfortable. Lastly, its extra sides coverage panels smooth out sleevage (word for underarm buldge).


  • Available in S to 3XL Size
  • Consist of 94% nylon and 6% Spandex
  • Simple compfortable, Hook and eye closure

As it is mentioned that this is plus size lace bra which is really beneficial for women with bigger busts. It’s size range start from 36C to 44DD. Its fabric has 80% nylon and 20% spandex which is silky soft fabric for luxurious comfort. It also contains light lifted pads for subtle enhancement. Its comfort back prevents straps from slipping with hook and eye closure type. This product should be washed by hands only. lastly, it comes with a gorgeous lace neckline for feminine look.

Olga Women Plus Size Cloud 9 Underwire Contour Lace Bra

  • Available In 36C to 44DD,
  • Consist of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex
  • Silky soft Fabric for Luxurious Comfort