Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity and the breasts tend to sag, not to mention hormonal changes and weight fluctuations that also affect the chest. To keep them firm, it is necessary to act on two aspects: solicit the pectoral muscle and act on the quality of the skin. Discover 5 tips to preserve the beauty of your chest.


To practice a sport, 90% of women wear a classic bra. However, they are not suitable… During a fitness session, your body undergoes impacts and shocks which sensitize the chest. These inconveniences can lead to a deformation, a sagging of the breasts . This is why Domyos has developed an innovative sports bra that tones and preserves the beauty of the chest : the Feel Beautiful. Its flexible basque allows the natural movement of the breast and thus promotes the toning of the suspensory muscles of the chest. The more rigid band placed on the upper chest limits the amount of rebound, the main cause of pain during exercise. It reduces by at least 50% the impacts suffered by the chest. What better way to do fitness without pain? In addition, its second skin effect is of incomparable comfort. Try it!


Here is a simple trick, which, at first glance, can send chills down your spine! If you are told that you will have to end each shower with a jet of cold water to firm up your breasts , are you following us? Yes ! Why ? Because this simple gesture, certainly unpleasant, is excellent for toning the skin, and what’s more, wakes you up! It is well known that the cold strengthens the tissues and promotes blood circulation. Without inflicting a real frozen shower on yourself, alternate the jets of cold water and hot water, emphasizing the areas you want to target, in this case the chest.


Make yourself comfortable and sit on a floor mat. Apply this fitness exercise to firm the breasts and deeply work the muscular belt of your chest: join the palms of your hands, as if for a prayer. Place them at the height of your chest, elbows vertical. Press your palms together for a few seconds then release. Repeat the movement. Do a series of 20 repetitions morning and evening to preserve the elasticity and youthfulness of the chest . It’s simple, but it works!


Give your breasts a boost with a natural solution: massage. Massaging the breasts on a daily basis is a life-saving gesture, which notably helps to reduce breast tension and eliminate toxins. The beauty recipe: add 10 drops of sandalwood essential oil to a 100ml argan oil base. After bathing or showering, gently massage your bust and chest to maintain skin elasticity.. Apply the oil from bottom to top, from the base of the breasts to the collarbone. Then place your fingers on the sternum (small hollow just between the breasts) and twist 3 times clockwise, 3 times counterclockwise. Then, hand wide open, massage your bust from the inside of the breasts to the shoulders. This area should not be neglected since it covers the support muscle of the chest.


Does your chest show a low profile? Discover the Body Power , an easy-to-use and highly effective fitness accessory to maintain a nice cleavage . The principle ? By compressing the accessory using the strength of your arms, you strengthen the pectoral muscles, which support the breasts. Result: you help to lift your breasts. Another advantage: the Body Power offers many exercises and allows you to strengthen the whole body. It must therefore become essential in your sports locker room!


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